Simple, easy and delicious !

Quebec grey owl goats cheese and Quebec wildflower honey fondue served with black olives, lemon and thyme.

Ingredients : Goat cheese, lemon, thyme, pepper, honey, olives, pita bread, olive oil.
1#  Chop thyme
2#  Zest lemon and cut wedges
3#  Grind pepper
4#  Put cheese in ramekin
5#  Put lemon zest, chopped thyme, ground pepper on cheese,then pour honey over.
6#  Place on pan in oven for 6-8 mins at 400 degrees
7#  Drizzle oil over pita bread and grill until crispy on one side
8#  Place ramekin, pita, olives, lemon wedges, thyme sprigs and drizzle olive oil over.
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